Abortion Care Stories from our Patients

Amazing experience, for being such a hard thing to go through. The nurses were beyond helpful. I felt so safe and secure doing it at home.”

– a Choix patient

As part of our care, all patients are provided a short survey as a part of their care with Choix. This survey is completely optional and anonymous, and allows us to understand what the Choix abortion experience is like from a patient perspective.

We know that nothing compares to the experiences of our patients. We wanted to provide direct feedback from them and accounts from their abortion journeys with Choix.

abortion care stories

“Choix did an excellent job of keeping me informed. My questions were asked in a timely manner and I felt well taken care of through the process.”
– a Choix patient

Patient Surveys

We also wanted to share the data and experiences we see every day with our patients. As of March 2023, 3100+ patients have provided voluntary feedback. All data and feedback is shared with our patients’ permissions and of course made anonymous.

Here you can see their averaged feedback on a scale of 1-5 – with 5 being perfect and in their own words.

A few quotes from our patients